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Neurology Book Chapters

Chapter 3: Headache
Chapter 4: Stroke, Seizures, Multiple Sclerosis, and Dementia

Book Chapters: This section of the web page allows you to download individual chapters of the textbook Symptom Based Radiology. You may either download the chapters as PDFs, view an associated lecture on YouTube, or both. If you would like to take a quiz regarding the content of these chapters, use the free website See here for instructions.


Chapter 5: Cranial Nerves, Sinuses, and Neck Masses

Neurology Quizzes

Neurology Case Studies

Case Studies for Chapter 3:
Case Studies for Chapter 4:
Case Studies for Chapter 5:

Case studies: The documents in this section of the web page take the reader through the imaging and diagnosis of patients presenting to a community hospital. Each case study starts out with a question regarding imaging in a specific clinical scenario, asks questions about that imaging, and then proceeds to show the imaging, ask questions about it, and then discusses the follow-up of the case.


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Quizzes corresponding to this chapter: Neurology Quizzes 1, 2, and 3

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Carotid Bruit



Face and Sinus Sx


Lower Back Pain

Differential Diagnosis

Radiology Checklists:  The documents in this section of the web page provide a differential diagnosis (a list of possible causes for a symptom), a patient information form for obtaining clinical information from a patient that is pertinent to imaging, and a radiology checklist which lists imaging features to look for on imaging obtained to evaluate a symptom.


Neurology Radiology Checklist

Neck Sx

Neurological Deficit



Differential Diagnosis

Radiology Checklist